Experienced Professionals

Working on location with high pressures and in conjunction with other contractors warrants that our equipment be safe, efficient and reliable. Through continuous research and development, we meet the challenges of the industry by utilizing the latest technology and components available.

  • State of the art hydraulic systems provide maximum control and reliability while eliminating costly down time inherent to mechanical drives and clutches
  • Special alloys and strict quality control insure tooling of maximum strength and efficiency capable of withstanding pressures in excess of 15,000 PSI
  • Valves, hoses and related pressure conveying components are critically selected on the basis of superior quality and design thus insuring a measure of safety which is unsurpassed.
best test inc hydrostatic oilfield testing service

Hydrostatic Tubing Testing

Testing the pressure integrity of the tubing string and associated ancillary items has long been accepted as a proven method of insuring a structurally sound and leak proof assembly, thus avoiding unanticipated production loss and additional workover costs.  BesTest has the necessary equipment and experienced personnel to test 1 ½” through 7 5/8” pipe to pressures in excess of 15,000 psi.  Specially coated test assemblies are available to avoid damage to plastic coated, lined, and Chrome tubing strings.

best test inc hydrostatic oilfield testing service

Electromagnetic Scanning

Accepted world-wide as the most advanced tubing inspection technique available at the well site.  Small area Hall sensors utilized by the OEM Artis 4  Trip Tool detect and pin point structural deficiencies in the tubing as it is pulled from the well bore.  Calibration at the well site and manual sonogram checks of equipment readings ensure accuracy.  Equipment available to scan 2 1/16” through 3 ½” tubing.